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Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

OPS Group provides security guard services across many verticals. Our industries include, but are not limited to:

Industrial & Manufacturing

We offer comprehensive services supported by the latest technologies to prevent crime and identify illegal activities like theft and loitering. At OPS, we always strive to provide exceptional safety and security services, just like other reputable retail security guard companies.

Corporate Propertry

We have a wide range of services available, including front door security and private guard services. Our team members are all trained to create a welcoming environment for your organization.

Construction Sites

Our parameter monitoring experience speaks for itself, and that’s why we can efficiently handle door lock/unlock services, vendor check-ins, employee escort, parking lot patrol, and incident investigation.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Our extensive experience in monitoring parameters speaks for itself. That's why we can efficiently handle tasks such as managing door lock/unlock services, vendor check ins, employee escorts, parking lot patrols and incident investigations.

Residential Properties

When it comes to residential security, we handle encompassing services ranging from gate and kiosk services to incident reporting and patrol. When it comes to offering reliable protection for buildings, we can guarantee professionalism and cooperation with your managers and community.

Warehouse & Storage

We make use of cutting edge monitoring and surveillance technology to guarantee the safety of your warehouse and storage facilities.


Simultaneously providing trained and courteous customer service at all levels of events, including banquets, parties, and weddings.

Trucking & Freight

We use advance surveillance technology and monitoring to create a safe environment for storage of goods and warehousing. We are modern, well-trained, and professional.


We have the right training and equipment to work in hospital settings. We can deploy well-trained health security officers and reliable parking lot security guards to secure lives and properties in a hospital setting. We combine crime prevention with top-notch customer service to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

Government & Military

We have the suitable license, insurance, and qualifications to work with military and governmental contracts. We have part of our staff already delivering professional security services in military and government buildings.

Special Events

Our trained guards can also work towards physically abating crimes around event centers. Our event coverage scheme includes security guards for weddings and corporate events.

Colleges & Schools

Providing Student Protection has become one of our specialties in the current years. Whether it’s patrolling the vicinity or setting up an “active shooter” security drill, we will devise the ideal plan to keep students and faculty safe.

Port Security

Theft Prevention, Trespassing, Vandalism, Property Damage and Dedicated expertise from our trained Port Security Guards. For over 10 years OPSinc has been helping Long Beach Port stay secure.
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