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Shopping Center Security Guards

Protect Your Assets - Armed & Experienced Guards for Smash & Grab Deterrence

Security is now fast becoming a top priority in our recreative world of shopping centers, retail stores and malls. Criminal activities have been on the rise due to different security lapses so it has now become super important for you to have some exceptionally strong security protocols to protect all your shoppers and businesses. So who becomes the unsung hero of our shopping world? The security guards.

Given the current security loopholes and circumstances, OPS understands how critical a role the security guards have to play to maintain a perfectly safe and secure environment for our clients. So we have enrolled only the best and most experienced professionals as our retail security guards to handle every security related situation with utmost ease and efficiency.

So what protocols exactly do our shopping center security guards follow when they are on duty to guard a shopping mall? Let’s take a quick look:

Regular Patrols:

We have trained our security guards to be extremely thorough and regular in their patrols. This helps them make sure that every area of your shopping mall stays secure and free of any threats. They stay vigilant and proactive all the time to keep an eye out for any suspicious activities happening around and will quickly report any unusual happenings and concerns to the mall management.

Access Control:

Strict access control measures are another reason why your mall will stay safe and secure. Our guards monitor all the entrance and exit points and will only allow the authorized personnel and visitors inside. And not just that, their thorough inspections of bags and packages will also keep any unwanted threats away from the shopping mall.

Emergency Response:

Our security guards know how to act quickly in any emergency situation. They are always well prepared and have the necessary tools, equipment and the communication devices to handle all such scenarios relatively easily due to their vast experience and training.

Crowd Control:

In peak shopping hours, it can become a huge headache to control the growing crowds efficiently. But that’s what our guards are for. They know how to handle the crowds expertly and also make sure that everyone follows the rules and regulations set by the mall management to have a smooth shopping experience.

CCTV Monitoring:

Our security guards also keep a strict eye on all the CCTV cameras that are installed all over the shopping mall. Video feeds are closely monitored to pick up any signs of suspicious activity and then neutralize them quickly before they become a potential threat to anybody else or the mall.

Evacuation Planning:

Emergencies can never be predicted. However, their responses can be planned which is exactly what our guards are trained to do in the most efficient way. They maintain their calmness and execute the evacuation plans quickly to keep everyone safe in case of any emergencies while also coordinating with the emergency response teams.

Hence, the security guard protocols to keep your shopping mall should never be taken lightly as thousands of lives may depend on their efficiency and practicality. And that’s exactly where OPS comes in with our staunch commitment to excellence throughout our journey to the top among all retail security companies.

Want a peace of mind and foolproof security? Pick up your phone right now and contact us to learn about how our highly experienced guards can protect your shopping center and retail stores.

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The OPS Retail Security Guards Approach

Thoughtful Strategy:

We at OPS always go above and beyond to plan and then integrate our security services to meet the unique needs of all our clients. Despite the numerous challenges we face to maintain our top-notch efficiency, we always give you our best to offer highly cost efficient shopping mall security services. We develop and then adapt our strategies quickly and work with you in collaboration so that all security issues and threats can be handled effectively.


Employee theft, shoplifting, fraud and even vendor theft – hence, inventory losses are a real thing. So with our retail loss prevention strategies, undercover store detectives and highly effective security measures, we help the stores minimize their business losses and create a safe shopping environment for all their customers. Hence, with our proactive techniques, the shopkeepers will be able to reduce the risks of theft and vandalism.

Vigilant Patrol:

We not only keep our focus on the internal security issues but also on the external ones as well like parking facilities and all the areas surrounding the shopping mall. There are always risks like theft and vandalism associated with parking lots so our guards stay vigilant and maintain a presence that’s visible to others using those external areas to help discourage and prevent any unusual and suspicious activities.

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Customer Centric Approach

At OPS, we have trained our security guards to be exceptional at customer service. They know how to create a positive environment for both customers and employees and enhance their shopping experience by being friendly, approachable and highly responsive to their needs.

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