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Fire Watch Security Services

Constructed Custom Strategy to Minimize Fines and Maximize Safety

OPS always goes above and beyond to make sure that your property is safe and secure just as you want it to be, especially when it comes to fire watch property. Our team of fire watch guards have been vetted and have all the skills and experience they need to handle all emergency situations. Our services are highly customized according to your specific needs, whether you are a property owner or have a construction company.

Our main focus is to provide you with regular quality checks and patrols during the fire watch. This dedication helps us prioritize the security of your assets and property to the fullest without taking any chances. With our fireguard always present on-site, your property and valuable human lives will always be safe from any potential threats.

What makes us unique is the dedication of our fire watch security officers who strictly follow the state and fire marshal protocols while also documenting their activities and observations. Their key responsibilities include:

The Foundation of Our Fire Watch Process

Risk Evaluation

Our fire watch guards first conduct a very detailed and thorough risk assessment of the property and event to initiate this whole process. This helps them identify any and all potential fire hazards while also giving them an estimate of the number of guards that’d be needed to cover the area comprehensively.


We have trained our fire watch guards to always remain proactive and maintain detailed logs of their observations while they are on their shifts. Any potential hazard, equipment issue and fire incidents get recorded along with their thorough details without missing anything. These logs help us look at the ongoing fire hazard trends and improve our security measures even further.

Vigilante Monitoring

Our guards keep their eyes open for any signs of potential fire hazards such as open flames and smoldering ashes or even for any faulty electrical equipment. This vigilance helps nip the issues that could cause a fire in their buds. They also make sure that all the fire suppression systems keep working properly in case they need to provide a quick response. Hence with our guards, you get an additional layer of protection and an immediate response.

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Fire Incident Response

If any such incident occurs and a quick response is needed to handle the ongoing fire, our fire watch guards have been very well trained to respond quickly in an effective manner. They are well prepared to handle any crisis and are able to activate fire suppression systems, initiate evacuations and even contact the fire department if necessary.

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Timely Reporting

The very first thing our guards have been trained to do is to report any potential fire hazards and incidents to the relevant authorities such as the fire department or the property owner so that further damage could be avoided as soon as possible. This timely reporting is a crucial part of their fire watch agenda.

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