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Maritime Security Guards

Your Ports. Our Priority. Peace of Mind with OPSInc Security.

To secure and protect your maritime assets, you need a vigilant system that should include more than just a security presence standing at some place. You need highly trained security professionals who have a deep understanding of how the maritime world works and what challenges it presents. At  OPSInc , we provide you precisely that: top tier maritime security solutions that we customize to your needs.

Our Approach to Maritime Security

We are proudly owned and operated by retired law enforcement officers. Our experience spans over two decades and has shown us that every security situation has a very specific solution. We first conduct comprehensive risk assessments, identify vulnerabilities and only then do we design customized security plans that’ll meet your objectives.

The maritime security guards we have in our team undergo intense training before they are ready to complete their assignments. They are qualified in maritime law, threat identification, conflict management and all kinds of emergency response protocols. Such preparatory homework helps our teams to handle safety related situations in a professional and effective way.

What Sets OPSInc Security. Apart?

  • Highly Trained and Experienced Personnel: Our maritime security guards are not just bodies in a uniform. We only have the very best of professionals who have a prior law enforcement experience and rigorous training in maritime law, threat identification and response.
  • Proactive and Collaborative Approach: We always stay one step ahead of potential threats and this kind of proactive security approach helps us prevent and mitigate any security risks. We work closely with our clients and port authorities to make sure our security strategy remains flawless.
  • 24/7 Surveillance and Advanced Technology: Your peace of mind is our priority so we provide round-the-clock security surveillance and use the latest technology for constant communication and coordination among our teams.
  • Compliance and Legal Adherence: We strictly adhere to all maritime security regulations and laws during our assignments. Each and every step we take is always in full compliance with international standards.

Comprehensive Maritime Security Solutions: Let Us Protect Your Operations

At OPSInc, we train our guards to be your security partner who actually understands your unique security challenges. We don’t go for ineffective and stop-gap solutions and instead offer customized security services for your needs.

·       Guard Cargo Areas

Cargo areas and port terminals are the center of attention for the movement of goods in and out of the ports. Your cargo is valuable as well and requires a strong security solution to deter any kind of theft and unauthorized access. Our experienced guards are like hawks who always stay alert and have been trained thoroughly in the latest cargo security protocols. They will inspect everything going in and out, monitor all the access points and perform regular patrols to prevent any security breaches.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with your team to make sure that your goods move in a smooth and secure way from the moment they arrive at the port to when they ship out.

·       Dry Dock Repairs

Your vessel is vulnerable when it’s in a dry dock. But with the OPSInc team on the job, you can stay relaxed and breathe easy as your vessel will stay safe and secure all the time. We’ll provide a constant and very active presence that includes a strict access control and regular security checks. Our security protocols will safeguard your vessel against theft, sabotage and tampering so that you can have it repaired without any worries.

·       Marinas

Marinas should be places of enjoyment, not anxiety. But as they are home to plenty of luxury yachts and expensive boats, they sometimes become an easy target for theft and vandalism. Our team of experienced security professionals will work around the clock to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone in marinas. With theft deterrence and vandalism protection, we make sure that your marina remains a spot for fun and relaxation.

·       Shipyards

Shipyards are the hubs of activity and that can mean increased security risks. Valuable vessels are being constructed or repaired in the surrounding areas which means plenty of expensive raw materials and stuff for thieves to get their hands on if the security isn’t good enough. But worry not as our guards are trained to handle all such unique challenges of shipyard security. We’ll work closely with your team to implement a very detailed and effective security plan that covers everything from access control to theft prevention. Such a vigilant approach helps us make sure that the operations are running smoothly all over the shipyard.

·       Docked Vessels

Just because your vessel is docked doesn’t mean it’s not a target for criminals and trespassers. Our vigilant guards will provide around-the-clock protection and carry on with detailed inspections to verify the personnel identities of everyone who wants an access while immediately reporting any suspicious activity. With this, our team creates a safe environment for all crew members and the vessel itself.

Ready To Experience The Difference OPSInc Security. Provides?

The maritime industry continues to grow, but with it, so do the security challenges. OPSInc Security. stays updated with the latest practices and laws that govern the safety of this valuable industry. We’re not your average security company that takes maritime security lightly. We are a highly trained team of professional who guarantees our clients a peace of mind while we protect their valuable assets around the clock.

So contact us today for a free consultation and let’s discuss how we can help you secure your maritime world at highly affordable rates.

What makes us unique is the dedication of our fire watch security officers who strictly follow the state and fire marshal protocols while also documenting their activities and observations. Their key responsibilities include:

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